Jose Reyes

Episode 18


Jose Reyes is a Web Project Manager at Spin Master in Los Angeles. Jose is the face behind my website and podcast editing. He is a true renaissance man. In this episode, Jose discusses his fascinating theory of Faith.

  • Defining Faith into it’s core definition and breaking it down in its granular form.
  • Faith is not purely spiritual, but Spirituality does play a part.
  • Faith requires 100% commitment.
  • Learn the rules of faith.
  • Faith requires us to live in our truth.
  • Faith requires us to be involved body, mind, and spirit.
  • Faith is something anyone can apply in their lives.

    “Faith is not necessary spiritual but it is a big component to be successful.”

    “Faith is knowing. It is not only spiritual. Living in the truth regardless of your situation.”

    “You can’t have faith on someone else’s chose.”