Episode 30

Jen wasn’t born to be a Wardrobe Stylist. In fact, she had a love/hate relationship with clothes. She loved them, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. She struggled with my weight growing up and had a difficult body type to dress. Pants were too tight in the waist, but the legs were clown-like. Tops pulled across my broad shoulders. She wanted so badly to wear the styles girls around me were wearing, but no matter how much she bought (or how much she exercised and dieted), she could never pull my look together.

A twist of fate brought her to work at Chico’s, and her life was changed forever. On the first day on the job, she was taught the 4 Basic Body Types, and how to dress each one. A lightbulb went off and she realized her body wasn’t strange, or malformed, or weird…it was just an Apple. A totally normal, if not super common, shape. It wasn’t her body that was wrong, it was the pants she was buying. Once she discovered HOW to dress her body, her love affair with clothes was on! Oh, and she also learned how to do the same for others. Her time at Chico’s, she personally dressed thousands of women.

She went on to work for a chain of high-end boutiques and Gap Maternity before leaving the corporate world when she had my daughter. There isn’t a body or wardrobe challenge she hasn’t seen!

Jen started her own styling business in 2012 with the mission to take the mystery and stress out of getting dressed, and help women build stylish, cohesive wardrobes that make them look and feel fabulous.

Episode Covers:

  • The inspiration behind starting Your Everyday Style
  • What is a capsule wardrobe?
  • Buying more clothes isn’t the answer. Buying the right clothes is.
  • Importance of getting ready every day.

“THAT LIFE IS MORE FUN when you like the way you look.”

“THAT YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO THINK ABOUT than what to wear each day.”

“THAT THE RIGHT JEANS can change your life.”

“THAT YOUR WARDROBE CAN BE A CATALYST for reaching your goals, not just a reward.”

“THAT WE AS MOMS OWE TO OUR KIDS (especially our daughters) to take care of ourselves.”

Connect with Jen:
Facebook Group: Everyday Style Lounge
IG: @everydaystylewithjen