Aubree Malick

Episode 31

Aubree Malick is a former teacher turned virtual assistant who helps women and mompreneurs take back their time and their confidence by handling their social media, blogs, and content creation. She is a wife to her hunky husband and a mom to two perfect boys! In her spare time, you can find her looking for her next DIY project, kicking her husband’s butt in Song Quiz, or snuggling up with her boys on the couch. Come follow her on Instagram @aubreemalick where she inspires thousands of women, just like you, live a life with purpose!

Episode Covers:

  • Motivation to start your own business
  • The feeling that there is something more out there for you
  • Not waiting for the “perfect time” to start your business
  • How to set goals and achieve them
  • Taking a leap of faith and doing something that is entirely against the grain
  • How I used my personality qualities of persistence and stubbornness to accomplish my dreams
  • How do you take a leap of faith in your business without worrying about other’s opinions of you?
  • Why should you not wait for the perfect time to start a new business venture?
  • How do you answer the call to be something more?
  • Managing your time when starting a business
  • How to deal with perfection and mom guilt

Connect with Aubree:
IG: @aubreemalick