Ciara Ungar

Episode 32

Ciara Ungar is a power-preneur who lives and walks in constant passion for making life and the workplace a better place to be. As a veteran marketer of 15 years, entrepreneur, digital consultant, pocket cheerleader, writer, NYC Real Estate Agent and Founder & CEO of an organization, she strives daily to balance personal growth and professional passions.

Her life has been focused on excelling in and growing her own career at a fast pace at the expense of experiencing what life has to offer and contributing to a greater good. After being knocked down by Lyme Disease in 2017, Ciara has learned the power of gratitude, perseverance, grace and lifting others up and has taken great strides to ensure a balance between personal and professional life. After this wakeup call, Ciara has found herself focusing on living her life and spreading these important messages to inspire others. Her focus has shifted to living a life of significance, helping others work through life’s challenges, using her story as the launch pad. 

In addition to her day job, Ciara is the Founder & CEO of You Are Lovd, a New York-based organization aimed at reducing homelessness by empowering those who are looking to exit homelessness, inspiring them to have hope and believe in themselves, and encouraging them at every step of their journey.  Ciara also teaches Digital Marketing in NYC and has had the opportunity to share the stage with amazing motivational speakers and digital marketing leaders across the US, as well as contribute to influential publications such as Chelsea Krost and Forbes.   

Episode Covers: 

  • Marketing career and entrepreneurship
  • Being diagnosed with Lyme Disease 
  • The importance of inspiring others and giving back
  • Embracing change with grace
  • Her daily routine and how she finds solitude 

Connect with Ciara:

  • Instagram – @ciaraungar (me) or @youareluvd (org)
  • Twitter – @ciaraungar (me) or @lovdorg (org)
  • LinkedIn – Ciara Ungar