Sarabeth Berk

Episode 39

Dr. Sarabeth Berk is a hybrid professional who calls herself a Creative Disruptor. She blends her artist/researcher/educator/designer identities together to lead innovation strategy and systems design for organizations seeking to connect stakeholders and silos together to create greater impact.

Sarabeth is also a researcher and studies professional identity. She has discovered a new type of professional identity she calls hybridity, which describes professionals who blend and combine multiple identities together, working from the intersections of those identities. This is a breakthrough concept because it explains how workers can interconnect their abilities and deliver unique value to the workplace, something that hasn’t been articulated before and allows for a new category of workers.

Currently, Sarabeth is the Founding Director of Futurebound, a movement to change the future of child development by catalyzing an innovation ecosystem in Colorado. Sarabeth obtained her PhD in curriculum studies and teaching from the University of Denver, and has degrees from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Rhode Island School of Design. Her background includes working in nonprofits, K-12, and higher education. She has led educational transformation, innovation, and entrepreneurship initiatives a Denver Public Schools, University of Denver, and the University of Colorado Boulder. 

When she isn’t leading innovation, Sarabeth is a council member on the Denver County Cultural Council which supports nonprofits across Denver county, and she loves to mountain bike, ski, be creative in all forms, and play in the outdoors as much as possible.

Episode Covers:

  1. Sarabeth’s story
  2. Define “Hybridity”
  3. Snapshot of Hybrid Professional Identity Steps (5 steps)
  4. Tell my listeners aboutthe workbook you created (available on Amazon). 

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