Karen Cornwell

Episode 42

Karen Cornwell spent her career in Tech; she lived it, learned from it, and now wants to change the tide for future technology aficionados. Her lifelong quest is to improve innovation and drive top-line growth for technology companies. Karen believes to really do this we must learn to leverage our gender diversity. After years of honing her product management expertise (how to bring value to clients), she is now focusing on how people’s interactions can be improved (bringing value to both employees and companies).

Karen is uniquely qualified to pilot companies to significantly higher performance levels. Karen has founded two companies. ConsultCornwell drives innovation and revenue generation by creating a strategic customer-centric product vision with a team, then guides the team to create the tools needed to secure clients. AttunoVation drives innovation by changing the company from the inside out. It allows leaders to understand and leverage diversity while engaging, energizing and empowering employees to excel.

Karen delivers a wealth of experience in her stories both in her book and from the stage. She demonstrates an uncanny ability to combine aspects of neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and linguistics that leave you thinking, “that makes sense, now I get it.” She has a BS and MS in Engineering and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Karen lives in Silicon Valley with her Chef and their three boys.

Episode Covers:
• What drove Karen to write: You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See: An Eye-Opening Toolkit to Cultivate Gender Harmony in Business
• What’s included in the Book
• How do the Secret Decoders fit in?
• Tips for Listeners

Connect with Karen:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/karenfcornwell
Twitter: CornwellKarenF