Brian and Diane Thomas

Episode 46

This is the PixPad. It was created three years ago by Brian and Diane Thomas when Diane asked Brian to find her an attractive tablet stand for her iPad, one that she wouldn’t mind seeing around the house even when she wasn’t using it. They couldn’t find one, so Brian and his son Matt set out to build one. It took several tries (“too ugly”, “too bulky”) but eventually they decided to combine a picture frame and a tablet stand / phone stand into one.

Late last year, Brian and Diane decided to create a company called Frame & Function to make their new creation, officially called the PixPad, available to everyone. They have 11 different designs, available at local gift shops and on their website (We tried to get without the hyphen but the person who owns the address wanted $100,000 for the name!)

Put your 4×6 photo in the picture frame and simply rest your tablet, phone, or book on the front. The PixPad adjusts to four different angles. It holds your tablet, phone, or book at just the right angle – perfect for streaming video in bed, reading a recipe on the kitchen counter, or for video calls or browsing the web. And when you are not using it, you still have a beautiful picture frame! It makes a great gift for your parents – it makes video calls a lot more pleasant when you are not looking up your Dad’s nose or at your parents ceiling!

Brian is a US Navy veteran and Frame & Function is a veteran-owned small family business. Diane makes all the color and design decisions (thank goodness), son Matt does all the photography and video production, son Alex works in QC and shipping, and the youngest son Logan helps out in a variety of ways.

Episode Covers:
1. The Thomas’ journey to entrepreneurship.
2. How the idea of the PixPad came about.
3. Steps to inventing the PixPad
4. How to purchase and learn more about the PixPad

Connect with Brian and Diane Thomas:
Facebook: Frame and Function LLC
Instagram: @FrameAndFunction