Janet-Lynn Morrison

Episode 49

Janet-Lynn is a woman of grace, self-starting entrepreneur, and mother of three girls who knows what it means to fight for the ‘now.’  As an author, speaker, mindset expert, and professional risk-taker, author Janet-Lynn thrives to embrace the power of love and positivity – which ultimately influences both her writing and life accomplishments. Janet-Lynn is a phenomenal business owner of three flourishing businesses and has goals to publish further books in the near future. Janet-Lynn is an canadian author of Forever is Today. A poignant story about the tenderness of love and friendship that corresponds with the human connection.  The heartwarming tale follows the journey of two star-crossed lovers who find their way into each other’s arms, experiencing heartbreaking lows and joyous highs that take the reader on an epic emotional roller-coaster. Though the book is immaculately written and beautifully told, Forever is Today doesn’t shy away from hard-hitting moments, leaving readers wanting to know more, well after the book is done.“Part of my inspiration for Forever is Today came from my beloved daughter, Maddy, who has been suffering from a merciless autoimmune disease which affects her liver,” says author Janet-Lynn.  “Through all of the pain we have gone through as a family, we have been empowered to fight, live impossibly, and provide inspiration to others who are going through their own struggles.  It is my hope that, through reading Forever is Today, my readers will gain perspective, love, understanding, and a deep determination to persevere.” 

Episode Covers:
1. Janet-Lynn childhood
2. Inspiration behind the book, Forever is Today
3. Exciting upcoming news

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