Carly Thornock – Intentional House

Episode 50

Meet Carly from Intentional House:
I’ve taught at the university level, I’ve spoken around the nation at conferences, I’ve designed multi million dollar projects, and I’ve been featured across the globe in written publications, but my favorite thing is teaching moms who are DOING and LOVING right at home, right now.

While I earned my Master’s in Marriage, Family, and Human Development, I was hit over the head with the realization that home was actually most beautiful when considered as a support to the families that actually live REAL life in them. My research dives into how a house’s architecture and design (as well as how we THINK about those things) affect positive family relationships.

When not going on rock/bug collection walks or experimenting with yogurt batches, I can be found binge reading Brené Brown’s volumes with lots of blankets, practicing handstands with my kiddos (I’m determined), watching Star Trek with my husband (who knew?), and restarting my DuoLingo Spanish streak. There is never a dull moment around the Thornock home, and for that reason we’ve intentionally selected dull corners on all our furniture.

I love getting to know people and talking about cool housey family designey stuff.

Episode Covers:
1) Carly’s educational background that led her to starting “Intentional House”
2) How YOU have the power to create an experience within your home.
3) Three ways to inspire wonder in your home.

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