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Brian and Diane Thomas – PixPad Entrepreneurs

Brian and Diane Thomas

Episode 46

This is the PixPad. It was created three years ago by Brian and Diane Thomas when Diane asked Brian to find her an attractive tablet stand for her iPad, one that she wouldn’t mind seeing around the house even when she wasn’t using it. They couldn’t find one, so Brian and his son Matt set out to build one. It took several tries (“too ugly”, “too bulky”) but eventually they decided to combine a picture frame and a tablet stand / phone stand into one.

Late last year, Brian and Diane decided to create a company called Frame & Function to make their new creation, officially called the PixPad, available to everyone. They have 11 different designs, available at local gift shops and on their website (We tried to get without the hyphen but the person who owns the address wanted $100,000 for the name!)

Put your 4×6 photo in the picture frame and simply rest your tablet, phone, or book on the front. The PixPad adjusts to four different angles. It holds your tablet, phone, or book at just the right angle – perfect for streaming video in bed, reading a recipe on the kitchen counter, or for video calls or browsing the web. And when you are not using it, you still have a beautiful picture frame! It makes a great gift for your parents – it makes video calls a lot more pleasant when you are not looking up your Dad’s nose or at your parents ceiling!

Brian is a US Navy veteran and Frame & Function is a veteran-owned small family business. Diane makes all the color and design decisions (thank goodness), son Matt does all the photography and video production, son Alex works in QC and shipping, and the youngest son Logan helps out in a variety of ways.

Episode Covers:
1. The Thomas’ journey to entrepreneurship.
2. How the idea of the PixPad came about.
3. Steps to inventing the PixPad
4. How to purchase and learn more about the PixPad

Connect with Brian and Diane Thomas:
Facebook: Frame and Function LLC
Instagram: @FrameAndFunction

Luscious Hustle with Betsy & Laura Milne

Luscious Hustle

Episode 45

Betsy Milne & Laura Milne, are transformational business and branding coaches on a mission is to empower women with the tools and motivation needed they to turn a spark of an idea into full- fledged businesses and sought-after brands.

Born from of the ashes of burnout, Luscious Hustle was created to redefine what it means to “hustle” as an online entrepreneur. In less than a year, they harnessed their passion to build a six-figure business that supported the lifestyle and time- freedom they craved.

Through their signature courses and a high-touch coaching programs, Betsy & Laura teach women how to monetize and manifest their dream business and luscious life through proven business strategies and spiritual support.

Episode Covers:
1. How Betsy and Laura met.
2. Story behind their business.
3. Creating masterminds for women
4. Entrepreneur tips (sales & brand coaching)

Connect with Betsy & Laura:

Jessica Silverman – Biz Startup Coach

Jessica Silverman

Episode 44

Jessica Silverman is a Biz Startup Coach to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking greater clarity + simplicity to live their true life’s purpose. Through her coaching, she guides her clients with mind-body empowerment tools to spark the transformation of a physical and spiritual awakening to live + feel her most ALIVE self.

At an even deeper level, the core foundation of her teachings unleash a deep understanding of one’s energy, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

From the place of energy insight, she can awaken this wisdom towards healing, enlightenment, and a deeper awareness of one’s divine purpose. 

Episode Covers:
1. Jessica’s story to starting Mo’Zen Wellness.
2. Her weight loss journey. 
3. How understanding your energy can change your life. 
4. How Hurricane Dorian filled her with gratitude. 
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Laura Lohk – Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Coach

Laura Lohk

Episode 43

Laura Lohk is a transformational therapist and coach who helps female professionals who want to take their business to the next level to identify and eliminate any unconscious blocks so they can get visible and attract their ideal clients.

Episode Covers:
1. Laura’s childhood.
2. What made Laura want to become a therapist and coach?
3. What is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist?
3. Who Laura normally works with.

Karen Cornwell – Gender Harmony in Business

Karen Cornwell

Episode 42

Karen Cornwell spent her career in Tech; she lived it, learned from it, and now wants to change the tide for future technology aficionados. Her lifelong quest is to improve innovation and drive top-line growth for technology companies. Karen believes to really do this we must learn to leverage our gender diversity. After years of honing her product management expertise (how to bring value to clients), she is now focusing on how people’s interactions can be improved (bringing value to both employees and companies).

Karen is uniquely qualified to pilot companies to significantly higher performance levels. Karen has founded two companies. ConsultCornwell drives innovation and revenue generation by creating a strategic customer-centric product vision with a team, then guides the team to create the tools needed to secure clients. AttunoVation drives innovation by changing the company from the inside out. It allows leaders to understand and leverage diversity while engaging, energizing and empowering employees to excel.

Karen delivers a wealth of experience in her stories both in her book and from the stage. She demonstrates an uncanny ability to combine aspects of neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and linguistics that leave you thinking, “that makes sense, now I get it.” She has a BS and MS in Engineering and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Karen lives in Silicon Valley with her Chef and their three boys.

Episode Covers:
• What drove Karen to write: You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See: An Eye-Opening Toolkit to Cultivate Gender Harmony in Business
• What’s included in the Book
• How do the Secret Decoders fit in?
• Tips for Listeners

Connect with Karen:
Twitter: CornwellKarenF

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