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Paige Slaughter – CEO + Founder of Fruition Studio

Paige Slaughter

Episode 53

Paige Slaughter, founder of Fruition Studio, is a purpose-driven marketing strategist on a mission to cultivate joy and impact through heart-centered creative. Paige believes marketing is a powerful tool for positive change, and that there isn’t a place where personal growth ends, and marketing begins. Instead of just a necessity, it gets to be an extension of your purpose + a source of joy. Fruition Studio provides done-for-you marketing services, 1:1 coaching and education to help small businesses and entrepreneurs bring their visions to life.

Episode Covers:
1) What inspired Paige to start Fruition Studio.
2) Who is a typical clients?
3) The power of content, storytelling and authenticity is today’s marketing.

Connect with Paige:

Laurie Palau – Founder & CEO of Simply B Organized

Laurie Palau

Episode 52

Laurie Palau is the author of the book HOT MESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING ORGANIZED, host of the popular weekly podcast, This ORGANIZED Life, and founder of Simply B Organized-a lifestyle company helping people live simply and work smarter. Her advice has been featured in national publications including Real Simple & The New York Times.

Laurie speaks on the topics of clutter, parenting, and entrepreneurship. Her CLUTTER CLINIC™ is a nationwide workshop providing strategies to help your team, group, or organization feel more empowered to tackle the areas where they feel most overwhelmed. Her latest work connects the dots between personality type and clutter, through the lens of the Enneagram.A self-described homebody and coffee lover, Laurie lives in Bucks County, PA with her husband Josh, 2(almost grown) daughters, and dog, Jeter.

Episode Covers:
1) How Laurie started her business
2) The different types of Clutter (Physical, Emotional, and Calendar)
3) Enneagram & Clutter
4) Available Clutter Courses

Connect with Laurie:
Instagram: @simplyborganized

Enneagram Resources from Laurie:
Book Recommendation: “The Road Back to You” by Ian Morgan Cron and Susanne Stabile
Podcasts Recommendations: Journey of the Enneagram, Typology, Enneagram and Coffee
Test Recommendations:

Karen Treiger – Author & Podcast Host

Karen Treiger

Episode 51

After 18 years of practicing law in Seattle, Karen Treiger felt a call to explore the story of her in-laws, Sam and Esther Goldberg. Treiger was educated at Barnard and NYU LawSchool –where she was editor-in-chief of NYU Law Review. The result of her three-year inquiry is the widely praised book, My Soul is Filled with Joy: A Holocaust Story. Treiger is an accomplished speaker, sharing her story of hope after the Holocaust.

Episode Covers:
1. Motivation to write “My Soul is Filled with Joy: A Holocaust Story”
2. How writing the book changed Karen’s perspective on life
3. The power of gratitude and daily practice

Connect with Karen:
Podcast: Gratitude in a Minute – Flash Briefing on Alexa or can be heard on most major podcast delivery systems
Twitter: @treiger_karen
Facebook: Karen Treiger or My Soul is Filled with Joy

Carly Thornock – Intentional House

Carly Thornock – Intentional House

Episode 50

Meet Carly from Intentional House:
I’ve taught at the university level, I’ve spoken around the nation at conferences, I’ve designed multi million dollar projects, and I’ve been featured across the globe in written publications, but my favorite thing is teaching moms who are DOING and LOVING right at home, right now.

While I earned my Master’s in Marriage, Family, and Human Development, I was hit over the head with the realization that home was actually most beautiful when considered as a support to the families that actually live REAL life in them. My research dives into how a house’s architecture and design (as well as how we THINK about those things) affect positive family relationships.

When not going on rock/bug collection walks or experimenting with yogurt batches, I can be found binge reading Brené Brown’s volumes with lots of blankets, practicing handstands with my kiddos (I’m determined), watching Star Trek with my husband (who knew?), and restarting my DuoLingo Spanish streak. There is never a dull moment around the Thornock home, and for that reason we’ve intentionally selected dull corners on all our furniture.

I love getting to know people and talking about cool housey family designey stuff.

Episode Covers:
1) Carly’s educational background that led her to starting “Intentional House”
2) How YOU have the power to create an experience within your home.
3) Three ways to inspire wonder in your home.

Connect with Carly:
Instagram :
Website :

Janet-Lynn Morrison – Author & Motivational Speaker

Janet-Lynn Morrison

Episode 49

Janet-Lynn is a woman of grace, self-starting entrepreneur, and mother of three girls who knows what it means to fight for the ‘now.’  As an author, speaker, mindset expert, and professional risk-taker, author Janet-Lynn thrives to embrace the power of love and positivity – which ultimately influences both her writing and life accomplishments. Janet-Lynn is a phenomenal business owner of three flourishing businesses and has goals to publish further books in the near future. Janet-Lynn is an canadian author of Forever is Today. A poignant story about the tenderness of love and friendship that corresponds with the human connection.  The heartwarming tale follows the journey of two star-crossed lovers who find their way into each other’s arms, experiencing heartbreaking lows and joyous highs that take the reader on an epic emotional roller-coaster. Though the book is immaculately written and beautifully told, Forever is Today doesn’t shy away from hard-hitting moments, leaving readers wanting to know more, well after the book is done.“Part of my inspiration for Forever is Today came from my beloved daughter, Maddy, who has been suffering from a merciless autoimmune disease which affects her liver,” says author Janet-Lynn.  “Through all of the pain we have gone through as a family, we have been empowered to fight, live impossibly, and provide inspiration to others who are going through their own struggles.  It is my hope that, through reading Forever is Today, my readers will gain perspective, love, understanding, and a deep determination to persevere.” 

Episode Covers:
1. Janet-Lynn childhood
2. Inspiration behind the book, Forever is Today
3. Exciting upcoming news

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