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Molly Dare – Hillenbrand

Molly Dare

Episode 29

Molly is known for her fun and outgoing presence on camera, Eye on Chicago & South Florida) as well as being a PR powerhouse. As owner of hillenBRAND Media, which focuses on PR for luxury brands and businesses, along with Allure of Travle which showcases the best in luxury resorts and fashion, she is the go-to connoisseur in up and coming high end lifestyle.

Molly hails from Princeton, New Jersey and has called both New York and Chicago home before morning to South Florida in 2016. She started her professional career at Goldman Sachs in NYC, moved into PR world in the music industry and after her two beautiful children were born she opened two successful luxury children’s clothing stores in NJ and Chicago.

Her greatest love is her two children and she is a passionate philanthropist spending many years fundraising for Operation Smile and on numerous committees for local charities. Molly is a staple in the south Florida social scene while dividing her time between New York, Chicago and LA – always on the hunt to bring the best of the best in up and coming luxury brands.

Episode Covers:

  • Enterpeurship
  • Creating Stability
  • Mom guilt
  • Starting over
  • To be present

“I excel at starting over.”
“I didn’t make failure an option.”

You can connect with Molly on Instagram:
@mollydare (Personal)
@hillenbrandmedia (work)
@eyeonchicago (work)
@allureoftravel (travel/fashion)

Molly Dare Hillenbrand
Hillenbrand Media
Eye On Chicago (Or all the cities)

Heather Franks – Owner of Design Your Life

Heather Franks

Episode 28

Heather is the owner of Design Your Life where she helps women create a life and business they love. She is also writer, podcaster, and social media expert. She has been featured in many online summits and Women’s Health Magazine. Her core belief is that you get the choice everyday to design a life you love.

Episode Covers:

  • How Heather became a coach
  • Following the calling
  • How to help her clients succeed
  • What she teach and the method
  • How to launch your own coaching business
  • Where to start
  • Setting up income streams

You can connect with Heather at or Instagram @femalecoachingsociety.

Megan Stratton – Digital Marketer & Podcast Host

Megan Stratton

Episode 27

Megan is a mom, wife, digital marketer, and podcaster based in Chattanooga, TN. She has been in the digital marketing world for almost ten years working in broadcast media and is currently the Digital Sales Manager for the NBC affiliate in Chattanooga. Megan created the Unshaken Podcast with her co-host Courtney Sample in February of 2019. It is a podcast that focuses on motherhood, entrepreneurship, faith, and motivation. The podcast reached the New and Noteworthy section and is a Top 125 podcast in the Self Help category! If Megan isn’t working, you can find her playing with her two-year-old, eating oysters and drinking margaritas with her husband, or at Target. Megan’s calling in life is to create a community among women and help guide them to their best version of themselves!

Episode Covers:

  • Starting a podcast and Unshaken’s vision
  • Working moms
  • Take care of yourself
  • Best version of yourself
  • Mom hacks (routine)

Todd Cahill, Author of You vs. You (12 Ways To Kick Your Own Ass And Win)

Todd Cahill

Episode 26

Todd Cahill is a powerhouse entrepreneur who lives a life of passion for creating a legacy that will be left for generations to come. He strives daily to live a life of balance between his family, personal passions, business, and by giving back to his community.

Todd made his first million before he turned 30, and has built a team of over 70,000 people in Network Marketing. His contagious energy has attracted a loyal following having shared the stages with world-renowned motivational coaches, authors, and mentors. Todd expresses gratefulness for all he has been given and is determined to pay it forward.

Todd launched Beyond Driven with the expressed purpose of teaching and equipping others. Through this proven system, his life coaching and leadership training have helped hundreds of people create a 6-figure income by launching and building their own businesses. Todd focuses his energy on guiding people along their journey by creating a step by step plan, designed to help them find and achieve their true purpose.

Todd is passionate about living a life of significance, and his motto “beyond driven” embodies his level of dedication to live out his purpose every day! This proud father of 3, married to his beautiful wife Kristin and is here to leave a strong footprint, not only for his family but for people all over the world.

In You vs You, author Todd Cahill starts with a simple premise: As people strive for any improvement in their lives—whether it’s more income, a better relationship, a promotion, a bigger business, or a better body—the most important battles they will face are against themselves. People invite problems into their lives through poor choices, apathy, indecision, arrogance, anxiety, selfishness, and other traits they would rather not discuss but must be addressed. Cahill shares what he has learned about these battles that either keep people from success and significance or usher them to victory. As a life coach and leadership trainer, he has taught thousands of people these lessons, and many of them are now experiencing a level of personal achievement, relational abundance, and financial freedom they never thought possible. People often self-sabotage if they’re not mindful, wise, and willing. Cahill reinforces the idea that readers can choose today to fight against who they once were (or are) and become who they are made to be. You vs You is about that choice and the challenging, rewarding quest that ensues.

Episode Covers:

Todd’s story and inspiration behind writing the book, You vs. You (12 ways to kick your own ass and win).

The human characteristics that can sabotage your success:

  • Apathy
  • Indecision
  • Arrogance
  • Anxiety
  • Selfishness

How to get out of your own way:

12 Battles

  • You vs. Your persona
  • You vs. Your success
  • You vs. your dreams
  • You vs. your routine
  • You vs. your calendar
  • You vs. your finances
  • You vs. your freedom
  • You vs. your promises
  • You vs. your health
  • You vs. your knowledge
  • You vs. your future

For more information on Todd’s work, visit And follow him on Instagram @toddmcahill and Facebook at

Order the book at

Beth Kraszewski – President of Purposeful Wealth Advisors

Beth Kraszewski

Episode 25

Beth Kraszewski is thr President of Purposeful Wealth Advisors. Her mission is to help individuals and organizations craft actionable plans for creating opportunities and clarity around their financial decisions.

As a wealth manager with over 17 years of experience, Beth provide guidance for clients in both the relational and technical aspects of their wealth management. Beth is best known for her keen eye toward high level estate planning and multi-generational wealth transfers, and has a solid track record in investment management, asset protection, tax planning, cash flow analysis, stock options, compensation benefits, and retirement planning.

Her clients also seek her help on philanthropic strategies and business succession planning. She works closely with her clients’ attorneys, CPA’s, and bankers to provide them with a cohesive team.

Beth’s Awards and Recognition:

  • 2018 Forbes List of Top Next Gen Wealth Advisors
  • Working Mother Magazine’s Top Wealth Advisors of 2018

Episode Covers:

  • Dynamic differences when the woman is the primary breadwinner. Strengths and challenges that come with this.
  • How couples can avoid fighting about money.
  • Financial services wants and needs for female clients are different compared to male clients.
  • Money stories and how women’s money stories tend to get in their way uniquely as women.
  • Pieces of advice to give women building wealth to help them accelerate their financial trajectories and manage their most important relationships.

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